Gemeinsam tragen wir mit unseren individuellen, wissenschaftlichen Hintergründen und besonderen Interessen zu unserer inter- und transdisziplinären Forschung bei.

We are a team of diverse individual, scientific backgrounds and special interests that contribute to our inter- and transdisciplinary research.

Team - Bild von Monika Egerer in einem Garten
© Monika Egerer

Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer

Co-Project Leader, Technical University of Munich

Monika Egerer is Professor of Urban Productive Ecosystems at the Technical University of Munich. Her interdisciplinary research investigates the relationships between biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being in the city, with a focus on urban gardens.
Team - Portrait von Ulrike Surm
© Pablo Castagnola

Ulrike Sturm

Co-Projektleitung, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Ulrike is a research associate in the research area Society and Nature at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Her research interests are human-nature interaction, nature experience, urban ecology, participatory research and human-computer interaction.
Team - Portrait von Julia Schmack
© Julia Schmack

Dr. Julia Schmack

Research Associate, Technical University of Munich

Julia is a research associate at the Professorship of Urban Productive Ecosystems. Her research interests include agroecology, biodiversity, and social hymenoptera. Julia is involved in science communication and art in addition to ecological research.

Team - Portrait von Susan Karlebowski
© Pablo Castagnola

Susan Karlebowski

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Susan is a research associate in the Society and Nature research department at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. She has been passionate about researching the reciprocal relationships between humans and nature in the city since completing her master’s degree in urban ecology. Her interests focus on the conservation of urban biodiversity and the interplay between citizen science and urban ecology research.

Team - Ein Portrait von Astrid Neumann
© Monika Egerer

Astrid Neumann

Research Associate, Technical University of Munich

As part of her PhD at the Professorship of Urban Productive Ecosystems, Astrid is studying the effects of garden structures and their surroundings on pollinating insects. Her research interests include pollination biology, biodiversity and ornithology in urban ecosystems. As contact person for the project gardens in Munich, her tasks also include science communication.

Team - Ein Portrait von Felix Conitz
© Felix Conitz

Felix Conitz

Research Assistant, Technical University of Munich

Felix is engaged in plant identification, including data preparation, summarization and analysis, especially of plants. He is fascinated by plants and moths, and is passionate about (urban) gardening (see the “Lucie”, Bremen), biodiversity and self-sufficiency. His vision is a rich cultural landscape and sustainable socio-ecological urban system.

Team - Portrait von Michael Miesel
© Julia Schmack

Michael Miesl

Technical Assistant, Technical University of Munich

Michael is a technical assistant at the Professorship of Urban Productive Ecosystems. With over 20 years of experience in technical support of ecological research, he assists the team with all tasks that arise. From pan traps and nest traps to soil sampling and maintenance of our research bus, Michael contributes to almost every aspect of the project.

Team - Bild von Nina Schäle
© Monika Egerer

Nina Schäle

Student Assistant, Technical University of Munich

Nina is currently a student teaching agricultural economics at the TU Munich. Her special focus is on the social aspect of gardening in all its forms such as garden therapy, nature education & learning, permaculture and community gardens. Her main task in the project is to map plant diversity in community gardens in Munich.


Logistical Management, Technical University of Munich

As the research bus of the Professorship for Urban Productive Ecosystems, Gärti accompanies the team throughout the season. Whenever transportation is needed, she is always ready, whether it is to distribute plants, pan traps, or the team to the project gardens for data collection in Munich.